Managing Donations


In order to manage your recurring donations through Kindful, you must first set-up and have access to a Kindful Account.

Once your account is set-up youโ€™ll be able to delete your recurring donation, change the recurring donation details, and/or update your payment information.

This page includes detailed instructions on how to do each of those things.


Access Your Kindful Account

First, go to:

If you already have a Kindful account, then login on the left-hand side.

If not, you can create a Kindful account on the right-hand side, using the e-mail you used when you set-up your original recurring donation.

Screenshot 2019-02-28 11.02.53.png

Once you have your Kindful account set-up, with the same address you used to set-up your donation, then you can Sign In with the new account

From here you can now delete your recurring donationchange the recurring donation details, and/or update your payment information.


Delete your Recurring Donation

To delete your recurring donation, simply look under the Recurring Transactions section, find the recurring donation, and click "Remove".


Change your Recurring Donation

In Kindful you can change when your recurring donation comes out, when the next recurrence will be, and the amount you'd like to give.

To change any of these details, simply look under the Recurring Transactions section, find your recurring donation, and click "Edit".


After updating the details, click the green โ€œUpdate Recurring Transactionโ€ button.


Update your Payment Information

Click the "Billing" section on the left-hand side.

Here you'll be able to add a new payment method, update the expiration date on your card (if you have a new card with the same number but different expiration), or update your mailing address.


IMPORTANT: If you update your billing method by adding in a new payment method, it is imperative that you Edit the assigned profile.

To do this, the locate your list of Recurring Transactions on the Billing Information page (where payment info is added/updated). Click on Edit on this page to change the recurring donation's assigned payment method to the NEW payment method. This does not happen automatically.